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You Won’t Get Benched Here

Blond six year old girl doing martial arts

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Industrialized nations have all the comforts the imagination can supply, but that has produced a new problem. Kids are not getting the exercise they require which is causing obesity and diabetes in children at younger ages. Another statistic is more children are enrolled in organized sports than ever before. Does this seem like a contradiction?

A record number of children are playing competitive, organized sports such as baseball, soccer, lacrosse and hockey. That’s good, right? Yes, however, childhood is a time to sample a variety of activities in order to discover strong and weak skills, and work to develop different muscle groups. Because children’s physical potential develops at different times, a 6 year-old “star” may become a 14 year-old “former star.” After years of adulation, the now “average” child quits in despair. A survey asked young athletes why they quit their sport; they listed not having fun and too much pressure as two of the top five reasons for quitting. The also said they might come back if practices were more fun and they were able to play more.

In the “old days,” neighborhood kids would get together and play whatever game sounded like fun and change the rules to fit their age and ability. Everyone participated and peer pressure kept the egos intact. Now we have adults picking who gets to play where, when and how often. The fun is gone and so is the physical activity for the less athletically inclined children. Although we have record numbers of youth participating in organized sports, the teen rate has disproportionately dropped due to burn out.

Martial arts is a sport in which everyone, regardless of ability, participates. A student seldom sits on the bench for 15 minutes waiting for a one minute turn at physical activity, and all ages and levels work together. It is also a physical activity that can be done alone or with a group, at any age, and the students can progress at their own speed.

Healthy competition is good for all of us. It is also important for children to have balanced lives that incorporate a wide variety of activities and skills that will make them well-rounded adults. They also need to experience physical activities they can take into adolescence and adulthood. Adults should look at their children’s activities and make certain the kids want to be there, are physically active and most importantly, having fun.

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