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Your Actions Do Not Affect Just You

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“A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.”                ~ Albert Camus

Your actions do not just affect you.When you act unethically, it affects everybody around you. All of your actions have a reaction, and when you make a bad decision, it can hurt many people. For example, if you choose not to do your part on a project, the rest of your group members will be forced to do extra work or risk the project not being done. In your martial arts class, if you choose to mess around instead of listening and learning, the rest of the class will be distracted and not learn as much as they could.

But being ethical isn’t always easy. Sometimes it means making a tough decision knowing the outcome won’t work in our favor. In those times, it could be very easy to make a decision that will benefit us even if we know it is wrong. But our high ethical standards will keep us from doing that. We need to make the right decision even if it means we will not gain as much personally.

We have discussed ethics frequently throughout the last month. I hope you have all benefited from those discussions and carried them into your day to day life. A strong sense of ethics is gained over time and enhanced by spending time with others  of high ethical standards. We all benefit from self-examination to see if we have high ethical standards and if we are meeting those standards. How do you match up?